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Kansas City

Kansas City – our first trip with a hotel stay and our first trip where we eat all of our meals at a restaurant or hotel. With numerous food allergies this is no easy feat. Our trip barely happened as Bryce and I both caught the stomach flu the day before we were supposed to leave. I was in especially bad shape. Fortunately, he recovered by Sunday morning and was ready to go. I pushed through and had ALL the bland food when dining out.

The week before I called/emailed the restaurants to ensure Bodie’s safety. I spoke with Char Bar and Jack Stack, both were gracious and informative. The manager at Jack Stack had us set up a reservation and I’m so glad he did. We walked in at 5:30 and they were already on an hour and a half wait. Out of all the BBQ places in Kansas City, why did we pick these two and these two only? Convenience and general distance between the places and what we were doing for the day. These two places also had allergy menus on their website. Anytime a place has an allergy menu this means they will not be annoyed when someone tells them about an allergy. I’ve seen plenty of managers, servers, etc. get annoyed when asked questions about food allergies.

I’m going to blame the stomach flu for my rookie mistake of not getting as many photos of our trip as I should have. Photos of the actual restaurant sign, menu, etc. So instead you’ll get some not so perfect photos of us. Hashtag rookie.

Our first stop was Char Bar and I have to say it’s my favorite. Great menu even a vegan and gluten free menu. When I called them about food allergies they were super friendly and not annoyed. Both boys had ribs and french fries.


After lunch we headed to the dinosaurs revealed exhibit at Union Station. Actual size dinosaurs that moved and made all the great noises. The boys got such a kick out of it. Bryce and Bodie were not shy about photos and they were encouraged.


For dinner we headed to Jack Stack where the boys split the sliced meat plate. We subbed out the coleslaw for beans and they had more fries. We picked Brisket for the sliced meat. All of the sauces and rubs at Jack Stack are wheat and soy free so there is no issue with any of the meat there.

The one thing I was a little worried about with this trip was breakfast. Staying in a hotel doesn’t really give us the option to make sausage and pancakes which is what Bodie usually eats for breakfast. Hotels aren’t exactly known for having wheat free, soy free, egg free, milk free toast or bagels so we packed his bread and his milk. Bodie also eats cereal for his first breakfast every morning. Usually a variety of cheerios. The hotel had rice krispy cereal which was totally safe. We were able to check with the cook and much to our surprise the bacon was safe. Bodie had a lot of it making breakfast all in all a great success.

After breakfast we went to LegoLand Discovery Center and it was a blast for the boys. Very age appropriate for a 3 & 5 and year old. They were able to do both of the rides and there was more than enough to keep both of them entertained. We ended up spending 3 hours there and we could have stayed longer. This place is pricey, $100 for all of us but actually worth it with how much there was to do.


All in all we had a fantastic trip. I think it took a quick two day trip to help us realize it is possible to travel with food allergies and not rely on families houses to stay at. It forced us to find safe restaurants and think outside of the box when it comes to breakfast and snacks. Now our mission is to find a BBQ place in St. Louis that is safe. We used to go to Dalie’s Smokehouse but they use wheat and soy in their rubs. If you know of any send the name my way. The boys love ribs and it would be nice to add another restaurant we can eat out at in STL.


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