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How we Handle Halloween

Halloween and food allergies are scary. No really they are. One year I caught Bodie getting ready to put a kit kat in his mouth, literally in his mouth getting ready to bite down. I practically smacked him trying to get it out of his hand and mouth. Another year I assumed tootsie rolls were safe and he threw up in the middle of a Halloween Festival. Safe to say that part ended abruptly for us and I was lucky it wasn’t worse. This all happened by the time Bodie was 3. I was so new to allergies and still getting used to reading EVERY SINGLE LABEL. Now we have a system. It’s brief and works well for us.

  1. The Epi-Pen goes with us when we trick or treat. No matter what. Because sometimes you don’t smack the kit kat out of their hand in time.
  2. We go over the rules of food allergies before we go trick or treating. If you’re unsure on the candy, ask. By the time Bodie was 3 we started telling him what he’s allergic to and got him the practice of asking if things are safe to eat or not. Now if anyone hands him something to eat he will ask them what’s in it.
  3. I try to keep them from eating while we trick or treat. This is hard because who doesn’t want to walk around and eat candy while trick or treating. But it actually keeps us safer since it’s dark and we can’t see as well.
  4. I carry ‘back up candy’. Sometimes the first 5 houses only give out the candy Bodie is allergic to. I keep a couple Starburst and Skittle packages in my pocket to exchange out. I then eat the chocolate he gives me. Every time.
  5. Once we are back home I sort through all of his candy. I dump it all on the table and take out every single piece he cannot have. I do this a second time to make sure I got it all. I put all the candy he can’t have in a container and seal it up. Of course I eat most of it when he goes to bed.
  6. Then we eat the candy. Then we brush our teeth because sadly most of the candy that is safe for Bodie is TERRIBLE for your teeth. We then brush our teeth some more.

That’s it. Simple but life saving. So far this has worked great for us. Bodie loves Halloween and has a blast every year regardless of food allergies. Thankfully we’ve kept him safe and as he gets older it gets easier.




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