You’re here! Thank you for reading. My name is Whitney. I’ve dreamed of having a blog of my own for years and years and years. Since I was 22 to be exact. I dabbled in it quite a bit when MySpace was all the rage. Finally, I’m doing what I have always wanted to do. Why did it take so long? Fear. Mom life. More fear. Teaching fitness classes. More fear. After a few failures in 2018 I finally realized it’s time to face the fear and blog. I have two boys, Bodie and Oskar who are 18 months apart. Bryce is my husband and we met at wine festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. We now reside in Kirkwood, Missouri and love it here. I teach early morning fitness classes with my specialty in spinning and TRX.

I’m a HUGE planner. I plan our menu every week, even lunches. In January, I want to plan out all of my husbands vacation days for the year. I need a weekend by plan Thursday morning. Maybe even Wednesday. Birthday parties are planned months in advance. And if I’m hosting Thanksgiving, minimum of 6 weeks for planning time. You get my drift. I’m a planner and I have a plan for EVERYTHING! Fortunately, I’m also good at spontaneity so it all balances out.

My oldest son has numerous food allergies. He has had his fair share of hospitals, doctors and there have been many procedures. Currently, Bodie avoids all nuts, dairy, egg, wheat, soy, chickpeas and sesame seeds. Food allergies are hard. Especially when there are numerous allergens to avoid. In the last two years I’ve found myself writing recipes. I’ve also realized that for every scenario Bodie is in, I have a plan. If he’s going to a Birthday, I have a cupcake ready for him. If there is pizza being served, I bring pizza for him. If there is a classroom Halloween party then I offer to make the cupcakes for the party. My skills as a planner have come in handy with Bodie’s food allergies. So now, I’m here to not only help other food allergy moms have a plan, but I’m hear to make food allergies more approachable for EVERYONE.


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